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Our Products

Our tactical SIGINT solutions empower teams with unmatched flexibility: control and correlate multiple sensors in real-time on-site or remotely, minimize on-ground risks, streamlining collaboration among teams.

The result is actionable intelligence in real-time with game-changing efficiency, requiring minimal resources and training.

GeoDome™ C2I

Command, control, real-time analytics and beyond

GeoDome, the driving force behind our multi-sensor operational approach, goes beyond a simple command and control system. This open platform not only allows for seamless local and remote operations of Onyx systems, but also integrates Ateros’ unique capabilities with third-party tools and sensors such as trackers, secure call apps, radars, cameras, counter-drone solutions, and more.


Ateros' encompassing approach delivers powerful real-time, location-based analytics and mission-critical insights that elevate tactical team operations to new levels, speeding up time-to-target, streamlining the entire operation cycle with actionable intelligence, and making complex missions efficiently managed even in the most challenging environments.

ONYX™ Systems

Superior tactical SIGINT sensors for any platform you need

The versatility of our ONYX Sensors portfolio allows deployment on a wide range of platforms, from small vehicles and backpacks to drones, motorcycles, helicopters, and planes, ensuring rapid and extensive network coverage across diverse operational scenarios. ONYX systems support the widest range of communication technologies and bring valuable intelligence from both cellular 2/3/4/5G, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, IoT and connected vehicles.

With superior innovative hardware, allowing more transmitters per product , more signal clarity and power output and fewer antennas compared to alternative sensors, our SIGINT technology significantly reduces time-to-target, seamlessly facilitating covert operations.

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