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Drones, quadcopters and other miniaturized UAVs represent a growing concern for law enforcement and organizations.
The ability to understand and deal with this threat relies on a combination of
technical, analytical and operational capabilities.
Kineti’s GeoDome Counter Drone  Solutions (CDS) combines information gathered from a broad array of 3rd party sensors, with advanced analytics to provide situational awareness and to enhance the real-time detection and mitigation of threats from commercial and custom drones.

Detect. Understand. Respond.

GeoDome CDS


GeoDome DPS, gathers and analyzes data from a wide variety of sensors, enabling rapid detection of drones and other miniature UAV's, under all environmental conditions.


GeoDome DPS applies automated and user-guided advanced analytics to understand the specifics of a detection event, to define it's severity and to plan the most appropriate response.


By applying correlation tool, bots, rules and data science techniques, GeoDome aids the operator and dramatically simplifies data exploration. Making data and insights available during the course of tactical operations.

GeoDome CDS (Counter Drone Solution) is a real-time
multi-sensor solution, enabling detection, analysis and mitigation of drone threats in and around your team and facilities
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GeoDome DPS Go

Get started by understanding the wireless environment in and around your facilities and detect drones using Wi-Fi communication channels.
This base package delivers Kineti’s own Wi-Fi sensors with GeoDome DPS software (hosted). The sensors are configured to continuously monitor the Wi-Fi environment to detect drones and their operators from miles away.
GeoDome DPS Go also enriches detection events with additional (meta)data about the drone and its operator.


GeoDome DPS Advance

GeoDome DPS Advance combines the industry’s broadest wireless drone detection capabilities with advanced analytics and highly effective wireless mitigation technology. DPS Advance enables organizations to detect and respond to a broad and growing variety of drones. This solution detects standard and custom built drones from as far as to 10KM away. The information collected by the GeoDome DPS Advance sensors enables automated selection and configuration of a radio signal optimized for mitigation of the specific drone detected, thus minimizing the risk collateral impact from the mitigation activity.


Custom Solutions

GeoDome DFS software platform can be integrated with a broad range of sensor and mitigation products, Kineti offers custom implementations designed to provide a vendor-agnostic best-of-breed solution for each organization's particular needs, budget and regulatory options.

We Are Kineti


Kineti was created by serial entrepreneurs with a deep understanding of security, intelligence and cyber security methodologies and technologies . We've always been passionate about taking on complex technical challenges with the goal of delivering simple and straightforward  solutions.


Our aim is simple, to improve security and safety by bringing powerful big data and analytical capabilities into tactical operations, automating complex activities and creating real value for intelligence, security and tactical teams and operators.


By applying smart analytics to data collected from diverse, covert and diverse sensors and data sources, were able to uncover unique insights. But Kineti doesn't stop there. 
We make the tools for investigation and data discovery simple to use and available to field and C4I operators alike.


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