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Ateros Tactical SIGINT systems redefine operational excellence
for Law Enforcement, HLS, and Intelligence agencies
and provide invaluable capabilities to Border Control, Critical Infrastructure, and Search & Rescue organizations.

Seamlessly integrating cutting-edge hardware, real-time analytics, and robust command and control systems, we empower professionals to swiftly and securely achieve operational goals while minimizing risks. 

Real-time, collaborative Tactical SIGINT

Discover a new era of tactical intelligence with Ateros.
Our innovative approach empowers teams with real-time, collaborative, and flexible SIGINT capabilities, reducing operational risks and shortening time-to-target.
Control sensors remotely, enrich data, and collaborate between teams and systems, providing actionable intelligence in real-time. 


Command, Control,
Real-time Analytics and Beyond

GeoDome offers real-time multi-sensor control and correlation, data enrichment, and seamless collaboration for operational teams.

This open platform integrates Ateros’ unique capabilities with third-party tools and sensors, delivering potent location-based analytics and mission-critical insights, to enhance tactical team operations.


Mastering RF Challenges

Compact and versatile, ONYX systems outperform in field deployments, supporting various platforms with ease.

Featuring innovative hardware for more transmitters, signal clarity, and power output with fewer antennas. Covering a wide array of communication technologies, ONYX provides valuable intelligence from cellular networks (2G/3G/4G/5G), Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, IoT, and connected vehicles.

Screenshot 2023-11-10 205928.png
Ateros offers a wide portfolio of SIGINT systems that yields real-time, immediate, actionable insights,
during the course of an intelligence operation.

Leading the Way with Four Key Advantages

Explore what sets Ateros apart in the industry with these key advantages:

01 / Comprehensive Intelligence Collection

Capture a wide range of communication technologies, providing mission-critical intelligence.

03 / Enhanced
Field Operations

Equip teams with superior flexibility and risk mitigation for challenging conditions.

02 / Swift

Reach targets swiftly with superior innovative hardware, enhancing mission agility and operational efficiency.

04 / Customized Solutions

Tailor-made solutions optimized for specific operational scenarios.

Pioneering Tactical SIGINT for Your Success

With two decades of expertise in developing cutting-edge SIGINT technologies and spectrum dominance solutions, our seasoned team is dedicated to overcoming challenges and maximizing the potential of tactical SIGINT.
Fueled by innovation and a focus on operational success, our customer-centric approach guarantees you receive top-tier technology and unwavering support.


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